Is It What You REALLY Want?

It turns out that all the positive thinking in the world won’t get you what you want, if it isn’t REALLY what you want.  Sounds kind of obvious, I know.  But I think many of us are pursuing something other than our true passions, and we don’t know why we’re not getting it.  Here’s a personal example of what I mean.

Love Hate Relationship

Me and My Sax

When I was a little kid, around the 4th grade, I loved listening to trumpet music and I wanted to learn to play one.  At that age, I had every record made by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, Maynard Ferguson, and others.  Music classes were starting at my elementary school, so I asked my parents if I could learn to play the trumpet.  They happened to have an old clarinet in the house, which my older brothers had started to learn but never followed through.  I guess they figured I’d do the same, so they said if I would learn to play the clarinet, then they would let me learn to play the trumpet later.  Well, I learned the clarinet and later switched to the saxophone in Junior High School so I could be in the jazz band.  By the time I got into high school, it occurred to my parents that maybe I was worthy of a trumpet, so they bought me one.  But by then I was playing first chair in the jazz band and figured it would be too hard to catch up if I started playing trumpet “this late in my life”.  Ha!

I enjoyed playing the sax.  But the interesting thing is, when I left high school I also put down my saxophone and I have never really seriously picked it up again (except for a cool picture for my blog page).  I finally understand why.  It was never my passion.  No matter how much I tell myself I want to pick up the sax again, it never works.  Trumpet was my passion.

We actually have two minds; our conscious mind that we use to think with and our subconscious mind where all our beliefs and paradigms are stored.  I can use my conscious mind during all my waking hours to convince myself that sax is the thing for me to play.  And I may even convince myself to start playing it again.  But my subconscious mind, the thing that is always working, even when I’m sleeping, is always saying to me, usually without me knowing it, that trumpet is my real passion.  My subconscious knows what I REALLY believe.  The result?  I’ll never reach my full potential playing the sax.  I can be good enough, but I probably won’t ever feel the full satisfaction I could feel if I took up trumpet.

Professional Performance Music

ProSound Record Label

Same thing goes for my business.  When I started Priddis Music, my passion was spending time in the recording studio making professional accompaniment tracks for singers.  That was before karaoke existed.  Soon after I started my business, karaoke came along and I jumped on the band wagon for marketing reasons.  But I have always hated the word “karaoke” because, to me, it means the opposite of professional performance.  It often brings to mind silly singing and drinking in a bar.  I’ve always been sort of embarrassed to tell people I make karaoke for a living.  I realized this morning that I won’t reach my full potential in my business if I continue to promote “karaoke” instead of sticking with my passion – “ProSound Performance Music”.  It seems like just words and a concept.  But you never hear the word “karaoke” in connection with American Idol, right?  The word “karaoke” would change their whole image.  Professional performance music is my image and it’s where my passion is.  And because it’s my passion, that’s where my greatest success will be found.  So this is my commitment.  From this day forward, you will never hear me use the word “karaoke” in connection with my business again – except to mention that “this is not karaoke”.

Now that my conscious mind will no longer be fighting with my subconscious mind, it will be clear sailing (and happy sailing) ahead!

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2 Responses to Is It What You REALLY Want?

  1. Hannah says:

    That’s brilliant. I love this breakthrough!

  2. Daniel Bean says:

    I have no musical abilities whatsoever but your conclusion struck a vein! It’s interesting how true principles are always true, regardless of the myriad of situations they can be applied to. Thanks for sharing your insight.

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