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In any business, especially in entertainment it seems, you have to watch your back. There are a lot of good people out there. But unfortunately, there are those who may try to take advantage of you. Sometimes it seems so hard to know where the truth is, especially if you are trustworthy yourself and expect the best from others. It may not be in your nature to be suspicious of the intentions of others, so when you discover you’ve been taken, it’s that much harder to…take.

Freemason Symbol

I had an interesting experience last night which isn’t exactly about business or personal interaction, but it helped me to learn a great lesson which I think applies here. I became a Mason, which is a sort of fraternity which does lots of charitable work along with teaching its members great truths about life and how to live. As fraternities go, I’m not allowed to disclose what goes on in the rituals and initiation ceremonies. But I was surprised to discover that many of the things that are done in these rituals are the same as the “sacred” things that are done in the temples of the church I belong to (which we are not supposed to disclose either). Anyway, I grew up in this church and was taught that these things are exclusive to our church – that they came by revelation to a prophet.  I have been discovering other conflicting things like this lately.  I’ve tried studying and researching to figure out why there is a conflict of information and where the truth lies.  Unfortunately, in situations like this where you are dealing with thousands of years of history in some cases,  it is impossible to know the truth from an intellectual approach. Similarly, in many of our interactions in life and business and careers, because we can’t always depend on people and news and information to be accurate, it is often impossible to figure out from an intellectual standpoint what the truth is (or what is best for us).  Often, such as in my church, I think people really do believe what they are trying to convince us.  They aren’t being deceitful.  They have simply been misinformed themselves.

Here is the key I discovered. We have to follow our feelings. We have been given a sort of Emotional Guidance System. If the thing is making us upset, depressed or discouraged, or shutting us down, then it’s most likely not the path we want to follow. There is something wrong with the situation. Otherwise, we probably wouldn’t be feeling badly about it. This is true even though people around us may be trying to convince us that it’s the thing we should do (like this is the only true path and we all have to follow it).

On the other hand, if it makes us feel happy, enthusiastic, and encourages us, then it’s probably the path for us to follow. Happy emotions and good vibrations generally don’t lie to us. They generally don’t deceive us or send us down the wrong path.

So when you’re out there working to “be somebody”, listen to your emotions. They will help you stay safely on the path YOU want to follow.

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  1. Andrew says:

    I hear you about following your feelings. When I was initiated, I went (and am still going) through the same thought processes that you are regarding the temple ceremonies. I came to the conclusion that you don’t necessarily have to be right to be in the right. If you are telling the truth as you know it, and are sincerely trying to live the truth as you know it, than you are doing a great thing in this world. Many members of our church are doing this. The key to improvement and progression (because that is ALWAYS possible) is to realize that your grasp of the truth is imperfect, and to be open to new interpretations.

    For me, some of these new interpretations have included re-evaluating certain ceremonial elements in the Temple. I have always known that they are symbolic, but the fact that I have seen these symbols in a different context makes me think about what they really mean. How does this symbol make me feel in the context of a Masonic Lodge? How does it make me feel in the context of a Temple of God? Is it like an alphabet, where each symbol can be used to create a hundred thousand different words, or is it like a modernist painting that conveys different meanings to the viewers when the painting is inverted? Even the fact that both sets of ceremonies are considered private (and the reason that I have to speak in riddles here) makes me truly consider what “privacy”, and “secret” means.

    In any case, being exposed to this “system of morals” has, I think, made me a happier person. Either this is because I have found meaning in a brotherhood of like-minded men “who otherwise would have remained at a perpetual distance”, or I have just enjoyed being a part of the ceremonies and pondering the truths that they teach. Or both.

    Stay on the straight and narrow, my brother. It is hard work, and emotionally draining, but true fulfillment isn’t easy. As long as you are honest with yourself, you can’t claim to be happy and not live the truths that you truly believe in.

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