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My mission statement includes 4 key words:  Brighten, Create, Delight and Enlighten.  The BRIGHTEN category is all about enjoying life, being happy, and helping others do the same.  What could be more important?  I hope I’m doing that as a father and with my friends.

CREATING things is what I’m all about.  My first real entrepreneurial venture was digging wells during a drought in California so people could water their lawns – at the ripe age of 16.  My best buddy and me made so much money (for 16 year olds anyway) I knew I would never be satisfied working for someone else, ever again.  Along the way I tried my hand at lots of odd businesses – even chimney sweeping.  At the age of 24, while deciding that a prison guard just wasn’t the job for me, I finally got the courage to pursue my real interest – music.  That’s when Priddis Music was born (see our Company History).  Now, 25 years later, Priddis Music is still going strong.  I’m a believer in multiple streams of income, so I dabble in various Multi Level Marketing companies on the side.  My mission statement tells me that CREATING wealth, abundance and increased life for myself and others is my purpose in life.  I believe MLMs are the best and easiest way for the masses to experience a portion of the abundance and freedom that I have experienced over the years with my music business.

My outlet for my music talents falls under the DELIGHT heading.  Performing as an actor and singer in musical theater is delightful for me and hopefully for the audiences as well.  I’ve enjoyed performing in various venues throughout Utah, California and the midwest.

My final word, ENLIGHTEN, has to do with my commitment to faith, positive thinking, emotional wellbeing, and confidence to act on dreams and goals.  I am pursuing what seems to be a lifelong mission to learn about these attributes, attempt to master them, and then share my findings with others.  That’s what this blog is all about.

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